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James Oglethorpe welcomes Scottish Gaels to the Georgia colony

Each program will be in the medium of English to reach the widest audience, but will have some Gaelic woven into the program – a taste of Gaelic if you will. You will also find in these pages reviews of books and other material relevant to our subject and other resources

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Episode #3 –  Is Cudromach Eachdraidh: gu seachd araid na pàirtean troma. Ciamar a nithear na tuinichean a bhith nan caraidean a bha a fuiling tuineachadh roimhe?

History Matters: Especially the Difficult Parts – How do the colonized who became colonizers become allies?
This episode was aired live before an audience on Sunday, 3 October 2021

In this episode, we welcome Òmar Bhochanan | Amber Buchanan to Facing Our History – The North American Gael and a unique discussion with Scott Morrison. This is the first episode where our guest comes from a Gàidhealtachd; in this case the Nova Scotia Gàidhealtachd. To date, the Facing Our History series has examined the colonization and oppression of the Gael and their dispersal in North America from a national and cultural perspective, and from an economic or class perspective. In this session, we move to examine the legacy of settler colonialism and its impact on the Gael. Òmar is a partner and consultant in Inside Out, a Gàidhlig and yoga teacher, a weaver, and a Gaelic activist from Cape Breton.

Episode #2 – Cùil Lodair, Colonachd, agus Calpachas: A’ togail ciall a-mach à atharrachadh eachdraidheil anns a’ Ghàidhealtachd

Culloden, Colonialism, and Capitalism: Making Sense of Historical Change in Gaelic Scotland
This episode was aired live online before an audience on Sunday, 11 July 2021

In this episode, we welcome Dr. Matthew Dziennik, Associate Professor at the U. S. Naval Academy. Dr. Dziennik argues that it is only by understanding the overlap between colonialism and capitalism, and the importance of economic stratification, can the historical changes seen in Gaelic Scotland be properly understood.  At its heart, this presentation suggests that historical change in Gaelic Scotland cannot be distilled down to simple explanations of cultural suppression. It was, instead, the imposition of market capitalism, with complex interactions between political, social, and economic change, that did the most to transform the Scottish Gàidhealtachd. Colonialism and capitalism were mutually supportive aspects of British policy in Scotland and the wider empire.

For Further Reading:

Colin Calloway, White People, Indians, and Highlanders (Oxford, 2008) 
Robert Clyde, From Rebel to Hero: The Image of the Highlander (Edinburgh, 1998)
Matthew Dziennik, The Fatal Land: War, Empire, and the Highland Soldier in British America (New Haven, 2015)
Andrew Mackillop, More Fruitful than the Soil: Army, Empire, and the Scottish Highlands (East Linton, 2000)
Heather Streets, Martial Races: The Military, Race, and Masculinity in British Imperial Culture (Manchester, 2010

Episode #1 – Adhlaic Mo Chridhe aig Cùil Lodair

Bury My Heart at Culloden
This episode was aired live online before an audience on Sunday, 18 April 2021.

In the premier episode, we welcome Scottish Gaelic scholar Michael Newton, Ph.D., Director of the Hidden Glen Folk School of Scottish Highland Heritage.  We discuss Culloden in the context of the complex intersections between the Gaelic world and British imperialism and settler colonialism, and the responses of Scottish Gaels to colonization and empire here in North America. As we explore the history of the Gaelic struggle for survival, and strive to decolonize Scottish Gaelic history, what insights does that give us for our past and how does it speak to us today?      

For Further Reading: By Dr. Michael Newton, Ph.D

We’re Indians Sure Enough: The Legacy of the Scottish Highlanders in the United States (2001)   (Purchase through The Backcountry Peddler)
Warriors of the Word: The World of the Scottish Highlanders (2nd ed 2019)
Seanchaidh na Coille / Memory-Keeper of the Forest: Anthology of Scottish Gaelic Literature of Canada (2016)
Celts in the Americas (2013)  

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