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Thigibh do Chèilidh na Bealltainn (Come to the Beltaine Cèilidh)

Didòmhnaich, 30mh an Giblean2f – 5fCèilidh DhualchasachA’ roinn Biadh, Ceòl, Òrain, agus SgeulachdanThigibh ann cuide ruinn! Sunday, 30 April, 2 pm – 5 pmTraditional CèilidhSharing Food, Music, Songs, and StoriesJoin us! We will be gathering at the Harford County cèilidh house to sing songs,… Continue Reading “Thigibh do Chèilidh na Bealltainn (Come to the Beltaine Cèilidh)”

Cèilidh Oidhche Shamhna

Cèilidh Oidhche Shamhna Potluck feast – bring a dish! Play facilities for children Bidh fàilte air a h-uile duine! – Everyone is welcome! Get to know each other! Use your Gaelic! Bring a poem, a song, or a story! [The cèilidh will held on… Continue Reading “Cèilidh Oidhche Shamhna”