Haggis Hurling & a Burns Supper?

The birthday of the great “Scottish Ploughman Poet”, Robert Burns (1759-1796), on the 25th of January, is celebrated around the world, including the much anticipated, annual haggis hurling competition at the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum in Alloway, Ayr, Scotland.

There won’t be any haggis hurling, but at this year’s celebratory tribute to the life, works and spirit of Robert Burns at Liam Flynn’s Ale House, 22 West North Avenue in Baltimore, on Monday, 25 January, there will great live music, poetry readings, whiskey tasting, and a delicious dinner of haggis, neeps & taddies, kale salad, and cranachan.

Click here for some lovely information about Burns.

Click here to hear Aaron Halevy who will bring the work of Robert Burns alive for us in beautiful song.

See you there!

Haggis Hurling - 3

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