Cèilidh na Samhna

[23 September 2019: The cèilidh is now at capacity for the hosts’ home and we have to cut off RSVPs.  We are taking names for a waiting list.]


A charaidean,

We’ve had a lot happen in our little community this year – our first immersion weekend; our first Language Villages; our head teacher, Scott Morrison’s, graduation from Sabhal Mòr Ostaig; one of our founding members, Liam Flynn, getting married; our first faculty addition with Robert Bingham coming on as a new teacher – we want to celebrate all of that.  And we are going to do so in the first cèilidh of the new academic year!

Thigibh ann cuide ruinn! (Join us!)

Cèilidh na Samhna

Tha am foghar ann a bheireas an Samhradh gu crìch agus a dh’fhosglas an Geamhradh. (The autumn is here which brings the summer to an end and opens the winter.)

A new year in the Celtic calendar is upon us, and we are gathering with song, story, food, and drink in a warm, convivial environment.

Didòmhnaich, 10mh Samhain
4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Ceithir uairean feasgar – Seachd uairean feasgar

Laurel, Maryland
RSVP required – Write to sgoilgaidhlig@gmail.com
(The cèilidh house is a private home.
The address will be provided to those who RSVP.
Please note that space is limited.
RSVP early.)



Aig a’ chèilidh (At the céilidh)

  • We will share Gaelic songs and poems, much as was done at the Language Village.
  • We will share food and drink, and great company. 
  • Whatever your language level, we encourage you to use your Gaelic. 

Our céilidhean are rooted in the traditional Highland céilidh as an intimate, informal gathering where stories, poems, songs, and news, are shared; good food and drink are partaken of; and the craic is always good.

  • Bring a dish to share: Make enough for 8 – 10 people. Let us know in advance what you are bringing.
  • Bring your instruments
  • Bring a song, poem, story, or tune to share (Gaelic is, of course, great, but not required)

Chì sinn uile aig a’ chèilidh sibh! (We’ll see you all at the cèilidh)

RSVP to sgoilgaidhlig@gmail.com

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