Podcast Release – History Matters: Especially the Difficult Parts

We are excited to announce the release of the third episode in Sgoil Gàidhlig Bhaile an Taigh Mhóir‘s Facing Our History – The North American Gael series. History Matters: Especially the Difficult Parts, is now available as a podcast. You can listen to the podcast on our website here.

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Is Cudromach Eachdraidh: gu seachd araid na pàirtean troma.
Ciamar a nithear na tuinichean a bhith nan caraidean
a bha a’ fuiling tuineachadh roimhe?

History Matters: Especially the Difficult Parts
How do the colonized who became colonizers become allies?

In this episode, we welcome Òmar Bhochanan | Amber Buchanan to Facing Our History – The North American Gael and a unique discussion with Scott Morrison. This is the first episode where our guest comes from a Gàidhealtachd; in this case the Nova Scotia Gàidhealtachd. To date, the Facing Our History series has examined the colonization and oppression of the Gael and their dispersal in North America from a national and cultural perspective, and from an economic or class perspective. In this session, we move to examine the legacy of settler colonialism and its impact on the Gael. Òmar is a partner and consultant in Inside Out, a Gàidhlig and yoga teacher, a weaver, and a Gaelic activist from Cape Breton.

Give a listen to this episode and join us for future episodes. Each program will be in the medium of English to reach the widest audience, but will have some Gaelic woven into the program – a taste of Gaelic if you will.

There is an assumption at the foundation of this project: That if we better understand our own Scottish Gaelic history and our own experience of oppression and colonization, the responses of our ancestors to those conditions in their own words, and how that historical experience and the narratives that grew from it have shaped today, we can not only better revitalize our own language and culture but be better allies with those who suffered from the same process.

Tha sinn an dòchas gun tig sibh còmhla rinn air an turas seo.
We hope you will join on this journey.

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