Lesson Materials- class cycle no. 1

Attached are the materials that we will be using for the next three classes.

For the class on 9/29 use:  Dialouge week 1 (also found in the text book in Unit 1)  plus Lesson 1 from the website http://www.taic.me.ukdialouge-1

For the class on 10/13 use: Translation Sentences wk 2, Conversation Questions wk 2, plus Lesson 2 from the taic.me.uk website.



For the class on 10/27: no new materials.  we will be reviewing all class.

HW for Class 1-

a) listen to, follow and read out loud the Dialogue Wk 1 with recording
b) Read the Gràmar section of the text book for Unit 1
c) Do the Translation Exercises for both part 1 and 2 in Lesson 1 on the Taic site.
d) Look over the Conversation Questions and Translation Sentences titled Wk 2

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