A Word From Our Gaelic Teacher


Greetings all!  This is Scott MacIlleMhoire or Scott Morrison.


We are excited about the redesigned Sgoil Gàidhlig Bhaile an Taigh Mhòire (Baltimore Scottish Gaelic School).  

The online lessons that start tomorrow are only one part of a greater educational mechanism that we hope will slowly, but surely, build a strong Gàidhealtachd or Gaelic community in our area.  The computer classes will deliver the raw info, but it will be the regular 6-week gatherings and the face-to-face review sessions that will strengthen our bonds as learners of this wonderful language and culture.  We plan on inducting every participant fully into the world of the Gàidheal (Gaelic speakers) which will include all kinds of things above and beyond mere language lessons! 

We have a strong class starting tomorrow night, but I’d like to encourage anyone else interested to join us.  We need the presence of everyone drawn to the language to make this a fully integrated cultural experience.  If you have not already done so, please RSVP to Rick Gwynallen at richard.gwynallen@gmail.com  as soon as you can.  If you want some more background read New Program Structure for Gaelic Learning.

Tomorrow night the new system launches.  The first cèilidh will then follow on 30 October, with the review sessions happening every two weeks at Liam Flynn’s Ale House on our usual Wednesday evenings (starting 5 October) with Rick leading the sessions.  

We hope that you jump in and follow the pull that your heart gave you when you pursued an interest in Gaelic or your Gaelic family background.  Rick and I think that you will be glad you did.  That’s it for now, and I hope to see you all soon!   Slàinte!


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