The October céilidh was a lot of fun

a Chàirdean,

This past Sunday we held the first céilidh in our new series.  It was a great time.  Thank you to all who attended and shared stories, poems, and songs.  We hope that anyone who missed this céilidh will be able to attend the next on Sunday, 11 December.

The céilidh began with a 45 minute Gaelic immersion session, which was followed by food and drink, a cultural presentation about the roots of Halloween, and the traditional sharing of stories, songs, and poems.

To see an example of traditional Shetland costumes go to Skeklers.

Scott Morrison prepares stapag or fuarag, a traditional Scottish Gaelic dish for Halloween, made of whipped cream, stone ground oatmeal, and sugar.  It was a delicious treat.

Traditionally one would eat a spoonful at every house they visited, and usually from a common bowl.  For more information on this tradition go to Emily MacDonald’s post on the Colaisde na Gaidhlig website: Fuarag: A Traditional Gaelic Treat for Halloween.

Maraji and Scott perform a song together.

Janet relates a story from her family.


Hope you can join us for the next céilidh
on the 11th of December!

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