Festival Tent fundraising drive successful!

A Language Village class in summer 2019

Thanks to our generous donors, we will be be purchasing a large festival tent to house our Language Village at festivals this year. The new tent will provide a more comfortable setting for visitors to the Language Village even in rain or really hot weather.

Mòran taing dhaibh uile!

The Clan Campbell Education Foundation awarded $1,500
The St. Andrew’s Society of Baltimore donated $500
The St. Andrew’s Society of Philadelphia donated $470
And individuals donated $530.

It’s not too late to donate to other Language Village needs!
An cuidich thu sinn?
Will you help us?
Your donation is tax-deductible.
You can donate online: brùth an seo
Or, if you want to send a check,write to us at sgoilgaidhlig@gmail.com for the address.

St. Andrew’s Society of Philadelphia

Individuals who donated a total of $530:
Deb Walters
Brendan Baggitt
Stephen Hoffman
Teresia LeFleur
David Gobbi

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