Latha Buidhe Bealltainn sona dhuibh! Take a peek at the cèilidh.

Às deidh dà bhliadhna de thachartasan a bhith air loidhne, chruinnich sinn aig taigh-cèilidh air Latha Buidhe Bealltainn. Seadh, bha an t-uisge ann. Abair tuil! Agus ruith a h-uile duine a-staigh leis a’ bhiadh. Ach chòrd an latha agus an caidreachas ris a h-uile duine.

After two years of events being online, we gathered at a cèilidh house on the first day of May. Sure, it rained. What a downpour! And everyone ran inside with the food. But everyone enjoyed the day and the company.

Take a peek at what happened. And join us the next time around.

Fawn, Dylan, Riley, and Piper (the corgi) were our hosts,
so Fawn opened by singing a lullabye. (Click the picture)
Andrew O’Sullivan on the pipes with Brendan Baggitt dancing
Scott Morrison singing with his daughters Eilidh and Maeve
Rick singing An Fhideag Airgid
Andrew sharing a few puirt à beul with Brendan dancing
Maraji singing The Sailor’s Lament
And all ages have something to offer – Riley singing Seo mo Bhaga
Rick singing Eilean mo Chridhe
And if you don’t know a song? You can learn one onsite
 ~ Scott Morrison teaching He Mandu ~
And sometimes fun things just happen . . . 
Nach tig thu chun an ath-chèilidh?
Won’t you come to the next ceilidh?

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