Language Village Schedule Spring to Winter


Thigibh don Bhaile Chànain!

In 2019, Sgoil Gàidhlig Bhaile an Taigh Mhóir kicked off The Language Village, an interactive, engaging space at festivals in which Scottish Gaelic is being spoken, people are being introduced to the language, and everyone can take part in singing, learning, and other activities – from new learners to fluent speakers.

This year we will be at several festivals.  Check out the list below for our current stops.  We’ll update it as we go. At each one, we will run a variety of language activities throughout the festival designed to appeal to children as well as adults, including sessions on Gaelic poetry, Gaelic song, and introductory Gaelic classes, plus a participatory waulking song session, displays of Scottish Gaelic history and culture, an area for games and other activities in which you can learn and use some Gaelic, and impromptu poetry, music, and conversation.

Nach tig thu?
Please come!
We’d love to see you, learn with you, and celebrate with you .

So far, will be at:

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