Why you should learn Gàidhlig with us this year

Start down the Gaelic Path version 4
A bheil ùidh air a bhith agad air Gàidhlig ionnsachadh?
Is urrainn dhuinn do chuideachadh.
Have you wanted to learn Gaelic?
We can help.

To learn more about our curriculum, tuition,
and how to sign-up for classes click here!

Learning the language is the foundation for understanding the music, poetry, and stories of the Gaels.  Join us for classes and immerse yourself in the language and heritage your ancestors wanted to bequeath to you, a language as beautiful as the landscape.
Thig ann agus leum a-steach
Bidh sibh toilichte gun do rinn sibh e.
(Come and jump in. You’ll be glad you did it.)

Failte sign
Thigibh a-steach!
Registration is Open
for the
2022 – 2023 Academic Year
– online classes – 
A chairidean chóir,
Tha sinn an dòchas gun còrd an aimsir bhlàth ribh. Tha clàradh fosgailte airson na bliadhna sgoile a tha romhainn. Tha sinn an dòchas gum bi cuid agaibh ag ionnsachadh còmhla rinn an ath-bhliadhna. An e seo a’ bhliadhna a thig sibh còmhla rinn air slighe na Gàidhlig?  (We hope you are enjoying the warm weather. Registration is open for the coming school year. We hope that some of you will be learning with us next year. Will this be the year you join us on the Gaelic path?)
Our online classes start after Labor Day and run through June 2023. Learning levels this year include New Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Advanced 1, Advanced 2, and Fluent.
Our Approach: Developing Gaelic Thinkers and Speakers
Many language learning systems emphasize either fluency or literacy. While few, if any, are purely one or the other, most emphasize one or the other. A strict emphasis on fluency in spoken language might lead to faster conversational ability, while a strict influence on literacy might produce conversational ability at a slower pace while grammatical or theoretical understanding of the language develops faster.
The pedagogical approach of Sgoil Gàidhlig attempts to balance the two. While designed to foster conversational ability in Scottish Gaelic, the curriculum has at its core the principle that the worldview of the people is embedded in the language, and that familiarity with the culture permits a more nuanced and deeper understanding of the spoken tongue.
The program overall will strive to strengthen the student’s understanding of meanings behind the grammar and vocabulary. Each unit incorporates reading comprehension by using texts that are both of a conversational and, as the modules progress, a literary nature. Further, we incorporate historical and cultural material aimed at developing a deeper understanding of Scottish Gaelic heritage.
In all units we strive to immerse the students in the flavor, character, mindset, thinking processes, and worldview of Gaelic and the Gael. Hopefully the result will be that we produce Gaelic thinkers as well as Gaelic speakers.
To learn more about us as an institution, click here
If you have questions about the program, please write to sgoilgaidhlig@gmail.com
Mòran taing a h-uile duine.
Suas Leis a’ Ghàidhlig

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