The Sun Shone on the Language Village at Historic London Town

The weather was beautiful, and the site on the South River was ideal with gardens, the historic tavern and home, recreated rustic 18th century buildings, the fields, the trees, and the river.  The first Language Village was quite a hit at Historic London Town’s 2019 Celtic Weekend.

The Language Village compound was set up next to the marquee tent where The Devil’s Tailors and Tweedsyde performed, and where some of The Appin Regiment joined us for a waulking demonstration.

Take a visual stroll through our first Language Village – then do join us at future festivals.

We had four scheduled activities each day
(and many unscheduled):

Scott MacIlleMhoire led the Introduction to Gàidhlig class


The Tents of the Village offered

information on the Gaelic language in its homeland and in North America . . .

. . . and a sample of Gaelic Music
Maraji played the harp throughout the event

The Village Children

(The children were particularly enthusiastic about the music)

(. . . and the dogs)

Participation was the hallmark of the Gaelic Song sessions

The Appin Regiment joined us for some waulking songs

Join us for the next Language Village

at the

Virginia Scottish Games & Festival
31 August – 1 September

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